100th factor is a training consulting firm which contributes multinational companies. We offer learning development solutions for foreign staff whose works in Turkish operations.

Our Management Consulting and training service approach points to a sustainable companionship rather than giving a one-time pill. Thus, we can take part in the process more effectively, see the disruptions in the whole process, and produce effective solutions. 100.Factor prefers to make all his designs in a holistic way, and does not consider people, processes or results as separate concepts. We come together with competent, competent, energetic and ambitious consultants in their fields, and set up special teams for the size and structure of the projects.


  • 100th Factor provides training on management, sales, negotiation and personal management-development. We reframe executive development programs, and 100th Factor takes on some of the necessary parts of the work. Assessment centers for salespeople and sales managers
  • 100th Factor organizes motivational performance and continuous improvement competitions.
  • 100th Factor offers coaching services to managers at different levels, branches, field workers and departments.
  • 100th Factor provides performance coaching for Managers and Teams. We improve sales and service processes.
  • 100th Factor can configure and recreate companies’ continuous development centers or academies.
  • 100th Factor provides the establishment and structuring of one or more departments, and if necessary, we can act as a part of the institution outside the institution, acting as a human resources or training unit.
  • 100th Factor re-designes the technical training contents together with the trainers and making them much more permanent and interactive. More precisely, we both train and coach educators on this subject.
  • 100th Factor designs and manages time-bound projects that will strengthen relations and communication between departments.
  • We carry out workshops and trainings with follow-up tools that measure competence over a long period of time.
  • 100th Factor can be participatory of 360-degree Performance Management System with all its stages
  • 100th Factor prepares the rules, methods and manifestos of the institution on efficiency with the main interlocutors.



100th Factor uses interactive technologies efficiently and known for designing flexible and applicable trainings specific to the nature of the business, where the participants are active, the trainers work as moderators. Aalso we structure the academies of companies and redesign the technical training content with interactive tools.

Training Seminars In English

  • Problem Solving And Decision Making 
  • Coaching Performers 
  • Time Management 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Team Building Activities 
  • Customised Designes