100th  Factor is a Human Development Consulting firm which usually ply with multinational companies which operate in Turkey . We design long  term customized development projects for satisfying our customer’s needs.

Our purpose is to work as participate of your process.

Let’s make everything simple . Be one of those good companies.

We are different than an advisor who explains how to do something. Ultimately, we prefer to put some clear marks on all progress. What we do is not only give some advises on the surface or digging deeper and deeper to find out the real source of unexpected dissatisfactions.

For your sustainable memory…

We use specific rare and customized methods for recognizing to improve work performance. Our role is to be preventive medicine for our customers. If you believe training programs are good enough tools individually?

Make it simple

As A Consultant: Ufuk Koc

25 Years Of Experience

Ufuk Koç was born in Istanbul in 1967. After graduating from Uludag University in Tourism and Hotel Management, he worked in a wide range of hotels both as staff member and director for more then ten years.

Ufuk Koç also graduated from Istanbul University with a Master of Science degree in both Tourism and Public Relations. He was Public Relations and Corporate Communication Consultant as well as was a lecturer at Istanbul University Department of  Tourism and Hotel Management since 1995  till 2000. He was Marketing Director and Faculty Manager of Academy Istanbul School of Art and Communication as well.

Koç who as a NLP practitioner; expresses a keen interest in sharing his vital experiences on a wide range of topics such as negotiation skills, sales, coaching, time and work load  management, at his weekly trainings and seminars.

Ufuk Koc who is the author of “Bulletproof Salesman” worked Management Centre Turkey and Bilgi Gezginleri Consulting firms before he established 100th Factor in 2009.

Bullet Proof  Vendor

Author: Ufuk Koç 

Sales as an occupation makes people valnurable. Our nature in peace when we feel accentance from others. On the other hand our customers tells us ‘NO’. or sometimes they run away to hide to avoid to give this answer to our faces. Both are so ordinary for our conscious minde but both are so extraordinary for our sunconscious mind. 

Headaches, painkillers, fat, gas, hemoroidis and many additional health symptoms are normal in daily routines of sales people. This book is not a sales book. This is the book about sales people to solve;

  • Their health problems
  • Networking problems
  • Avoiding prejudgements
  • Conducting the territories
  • suffering goals

Capturing Special Events

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

How do you plan to motivate your team? 

Let your people or partners to become a part of your vision. A friendly and gently touch to guide your management teams will help you to reach effective aspects. 

  • Almost every companies need their own KPI’s.
  • Frame work of KPI’s must be simple and understandable
  • Long and detailed job descriptions are all rubbish
  • Let’s talk in fundamentals before fancy terminologies. 

Life must be simple.